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Moving forward, our newsletter will go digital with no more printed versions in order to be kinder to the environment.
Happy sharing and learning!

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We believe reading articles on different subject matters has the power to enrich and enlighten ourselves in many aspects. 

Newsletter (2023 Spring Issue)

Articles available in our Newsletter (2023 Spring Issue).


WORK more MEET less
The actual values of internal meetings...
Feb 6, 2023

Dialing a Number

"Have you divorced with your clients lately?"
The cost of after-sales service...
Feb 18 2023

Korean Barbecue

Learning Hong Kong culture with iconic food
Hong Kong style BBQ Pork with Canadian Maple Syrup
Feb 28, 2023

Newsletter (2022 Fall Issue)

Articles available in our Newsletter (2022 Fall Issue).

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"How could you offer such a wide range of subject matters?"

Sep 16, 2022

Today we got a very great question from a customer who was curious about our service offerings, he said "You offer such a wide range of learning topics from customer service, selling skills to languages, how could that be possible?" ... read more...

"I'm flattered..."

Sep 21, 2022

My hairdresser said to me "you speak very good English!" A friend said to me "you are one of my 2 best friends!" My responses to them both were "OH thank you, I'm flattered." ... read more...

What would be the future retail trend?

Sep 23, 2022

Since the pandemic, the retail ecosystem has been changing rapidly. Many clients and colleagues are asking this question "will physical store still have values in future?" I believe the answer is "yes".  ... read more...

Newsletter (2022 Summer Issue)

Articles available in our Newsletter (2022 Summer Issue).

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Meeting with Clients

What is "Client Experience"?
July 12, 2022

"Client Experience" can be an impression or a feeling that a retail store, a restaurant, a bank or any business create for its clients. Very often, it is the people - the staff - who create such experience. ... read more... 


Shall we "sell" our products to customers?
July 18, 2022

Nobody likes or wants salespersons to "sell" them products that they don't need. Salespeople always make the mistake by talking too much about the product features without truly understand the needs of their customers. ... read more...

Online Learning

Why online learning is the global trend?
July 28, 2022

Even before the pandemic, we've always been a big fan of online learning. Considering that the new generation is so techno-savvy, we should not underestimate their self-learning and self-studying ability. ... read more...

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