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Client Testimonials

Reviews written by participants in our programs

Mr Patrick N.,

Restaurant Owner

“I’m glad that I invited Innovation for People Development to introduce and implement a series of learning programs for my restaurant. They are great communicators who can work and inspire people at all levels. Very different from those traditional training programs, instead of “teaching” participants, iPeoplePEI pays a lot of attention to the needs of our business and clients then coach my team to enhance their mindset and skillset so that they perform better and achieve more. I recommend them to any small businesses!”

“I have known Innovation for People Development’s founder for a very long time since I participated her in-house training program at a retail conglomerate. So, when I decided to have a learning professional to offer me career guidance, iPeoplePEi became a natural choice. The coaching sessions have been so effective as they would not only point out my strengths and weaknesses but also inspire me to do things differently so that I was able to approach work situations with the right communications strategies. My written communication has improved tremendously. Apart from that, they enhanced my professional image with their knowledge in business etiquette and fashion styling.”

Kathlyn White

Business Development Manager

“I solicit Innovation for People Development’s professional advice when I was planning for a career change. They helped me to re-build my personal profile with the perfect choice of words which is precise and presentable. Appreciate their guidance and support that made me feel enlightened, empowered and confident, and most importantly I am ready to face challenges. I’d recommend them without the slightest reservations.”

Ms YL Chan.,

Finance and Accounting Expert

“I joined the ‘English for Business and Social Effectiveness’ one-on-one training program of iPeoplePEI to improve my social presentation and communication and writing skills in order to assist me in building up my professional image in my online channels and websites. iPeoplePEI facilitators are knowledgeable, passionate and supportive who understand my specific needs and provide me with customized learning solutions. I recommend them totally!” 
“Thank you Innovation for People Development for providing me with professional and inspirational coaching sessions. The learning support equipped me with the knowledge and communication skills for a strategic career advancement. The sessions enabled me to explore various topics from different perspectives and I appreciate instructor’s listening and guidance. I will recommend iPeoplePEI without the slightest reservations."

Ms Anna,

Youtuber and Music Performer

Ms O. Look

Merchandise and trading professional

Business People Applauding
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