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Online Selling with In-house Influencers


*Individual Facilitation Sessions* <Online Selling with Social Media in the Modern World of Technologies> *Up to 20% discount for First-time Purchase Site Members and Small Business* Please contact for pricing and program details! Program Objectives: To provide participants with essential online product introduction techniques and how to engage and connect with customers with interactive communication skills. Program Outlines: (1) Understand the roles of different social media in the world of brand businesses (2) Preparation: Introduction to the brand, products and services (3) Special promotion and benefits through online purchase (4) Engage and interact with audience with instant and verbal responses (5) Competitive advantage and unique features + benefits of brands and products (6) Story-telling, Small Talks, Sharing experience to create purchase desire Target participants: Small businesses who would like to develop their employees into online selling influencers. Individuals who would like to become selling influencers and enhance their online selling skills Program Level: Intermediate to Advance Facilitation Structure: Online facilitation at learners’ pace. Medium of Instructions: English or Cantonese depending on learners’ needs




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