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Professional Image & Business Communicat Etiquette

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Professional Image & Business Communication Etiquette *Up to 50% discount for First-time Purchase Site Members and Newly Graduates* Please contact for pricing and program details! ~Customized Learning & Development Solutions~ Program Objectives: To support the personal and career growth and development of individuals based on participants' specific needs with customized L&D solutions. Program Outlines: (1) Professional Image and Confidence Building Presentation (2) Business Etiquette and Networking Skills in different occasions (3) Personal Styling and Dress Codes for Professional Presentation (4) Business Communication Skills in different work contexts with key stakeholders (5) Situational Communication and Management Skills Target participants: Any individuals who would like to enhance their professional personal image and business communication skills for development and enhancement Facilitation Structure: A total of 10 1-on-1 online or onsite facilitation hours for individuals with self-chosen and mutually agreed scheduled appointments with facilitator at their own pace. Medium of Instructions: English or Cantonese




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