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Customer Service Excellence for Small Businesses


Customer Service Excellence for Small Businesses *Up to 50% discount for First-time Purchase Site Members and Small Business* Please contact for pricing and program details! *Online or On-site Learning and Coaching* Program Objectives: To provide business owners with the knowledge and skills on how to develop customer service management strategies for business excellence. Program Outlines: (1) Differentiate brand and product competitive advantage vs competitors (2) Know your customer demographics to grow your brand and business (3) Identify customer needs and expectations on products and services (4) Identify staff performance gaps and match with appropriate learning and development solutions (5) Implementation and Follow-up Plan Target participants: Any small businesses who wish to enhance customer experience and provide employees with suitable learning and development opportunities for business excellence. Facilitation Structure: Strategic meetings with business owners and key staff at all levels On-site or online learning programs On-site coaching sessions (To be determined with business owners) Medium of Instructions: English or Cantonese




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