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Business Key Performance Indicator (KPI)Management


~e-Learning Module~ <Business Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Management for Retail Sector> *Up to 20% discount for First-time Purchase Site Members and Small-medium Businesses or fresh graduates* Please contact for pricing and program details! Program Objectives: To equip participants with essential business performance management concept on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Program Outlines: (1) What are Business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)? (2) KPIs commonly used in the retail sector (3) Relations between KPI and customer service + sales performance (4) The importance to set, implement and monitor KPI performance (5) Case sharing Target participants: Small businesses owners in the retail sector who would like to acquire basic KPI management knowledge and skills Small businesses owners who would like to provide their senior employees with knowledge and skills on KPI management Individuals who should have some retail working experience and would like to enhance their knowledge and skills on KPI management Program Level: Intermediate to Advanced Facilitation Structure: Online eLearning Module at their own pace. Medium of Instructions: Self-Learning digital reading materials in English




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