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Essential Selling Skills and Relationship Building


*Online eLearning Module* Essential Selling Skills and Relationship Building *Up to 20% discount for First-time Purchase Site Members and Small Business* Please contact for pricing and program details! Program Objectives: To provide participants with essential selling techniques on how to engage and connect with customers as a retail professionals as well as building a long-term relationships with them. Program Outlines: (1) Understanding customer needs and habits (2) Introduction to the brand, products and services (3) Matching customer needs and expectations (4) After-sales Follow-up and Schedule Next Appointment (5) Non-sales communication Target participants: Small businesses who would like to provide their employees with knowledge and skills on selling and client relationship building Individuals who work in the retail sector and would like to enhance their selling skills Program Level: Basic to Intermediate Facilitation Structure: Online eLearning Module at their own pace. Medium of Instructions: Self-Learning digital reading materials in English




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