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Up to 20% discount of our service for
Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) Businesses

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Are you SME Business Owners?

Do you have Chinese-speaking employees and/or clients?

Is it your mission to provide clients with world-class service experience?

Do you see the needs to enhance your employees' knowledge and skills in order to grow your business?

People is the most important asset that any businesses can have. Invest in your people and you will see the return of investment (ROI) for sure.

At iPEOPLEPEI, we provide customized bilingual (English and Chinese) learning solutions to match your business needs and expectations.

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To celebrate the arrival of spring, for a limited period of time, get a welcome gift when you signup and join the following e-Learning Module.

Business Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Management for Retail Sector

Essential Elements in Customer Service Excellence

Essential Selling Skills and Relationship Building

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Welcome Gift when you join our programs

~Exclusive offers for Islanders at PEI~

New Face of iPeoplePEI


iPeoplePEI Innovation for People Development welcomes and celebrates 2023 with a new face!

We have recently invited @liviequinns #, a Canada-based up and coming 3D graphic artist, to reinvent the brand image infused with our founder’s DNA and brand philosophies - professional yet fun-loving with a hungry heart for creativity, change and innovation.


@liviequinns # is undoubtedly one of the most followed and talented 3D graphic artists of their generation. With the wide selection of seemingly random-chosen daily lives as subject matters to showcase the artist‘s vision on modern pop culture, their cutting-edge designs have never failed to surprise audience with playful combination of elements - from east-meets-west, modern vs traditional, simplicity vs sophistication to monotone vs colorful.


iPeoplePEI continues to support people development and professional growth.



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Time to build or rebuild the team!

Since the pandemic, many of us have been working from home. Some companies even close or downsize their offices as employers see the benefits of having employees working from home but achieving higher productivity. However, face to face meetings and team building activities, are still necessary to build the team and enhance communication between team members especially when they do not see each other every day. So, how do we do that?


Are you business owners or team leaders?


Team Building

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